Escape Game

Genre: Action, Adventure, Drama
Duration: 1H39

Six strangers find themselves in a maze of deadly mystery rooms, and must use their wits to survive



DateRoom1st Session 2nd Session3rd Session4th Session (VO)5th Session
12/03/19Room 211H0013H1515H3018H0021H00
13/03/19Room 111H0013H1515H3018H0021H00
14/03/19Room 111H0013H1515H3018H0021H00
15/03/19Room 111H0013H1515H3018H0021H00
16/03/19Room 111H0013H1515H3018H0021H00
17/03/19Room 111H0013H1515H3018H0021H00
18/03/19Room 111H0013H1515H3018H0021H00
19/03/19Room 111H0013H1515H3018H0021H00