Social Mall

Bagatelle Social mall logo FINAL

Led by the ENL Foundation, Bagatelle Mall has chosen to orient its social activities towards women for the next few years. We have taken up the challenge to support all WOMEN, be it in their fights or their successes!

Among the dates and key periods on our social activities’ calendar were the International Women’s Day, Mother’s Day and the month of October,  which was dedicated for the fight against Breast Cancer. For Mother’s day, smartphone covers were designed and ordered to donate to Link to Life association which fights against Cancer. They were also given an exhibition space for free to sell the covers and the money gathered was contributed to the association.

Outside of these peak periods, other activities are also organised continuously. In December 2015, to support 3 dedicated associations during the festive seasons, we had a donation box placed in Mall. The gathered donations were eventually distributed to them.

We have several awareness campaigns throughout the year in regards to breast cancer and ovarian cancer, communicated via our social media platforms and also in mall!

Stay tuned for more updates!


Flag Days at Bagatelle Mall:

To support MACOSS’ affiliated associations in their noble causes, the latter are allowed to raise funds on specific dates each month in Bagatelle Mall. If you would also like to help those associations, be sure to save the dates below! 🙂

Association Name: PILS

Main Cause: PILS – founded in 1996, their main cause is to fight against aids. Their goal is to offer support to HIV postive patients in Mauritius.

Dates: 3rd December 2016