Sorting and recycling is the right gesture for all!

The bright green container of Mission Verte is now located behind Go Sport and is accessible from behind the Mall.

This is one of the main messages of Mission Verte, an NGO working for the environment and better waste management in Mauritius since 2007, through awareness campaigns and practical activities, such as the development of trash sorting across the island.

Bagatelle Mall has decided to associate with Mission Verte to promote and enable the eco-friendly campaign to sort household waste, by hosting a collection area behind Go Sport. This collaboration is also part of the 100 Commitments Programme of the ENL group. “Bagatelle Mall is a popular national shopping and leisure venue. By setting up a collection area of sorted trash at Bagatelle, this can only work in favour of the national campaign for eco-friendly awareness concerning household waste,” says Mario Radegonde, Head of CSR of the ENL group, and also Manager of the ENL Foundation, at the inauguration of the Mission Verte container in March 2014.

Indeed, Bagatelle Mall is an organisation that takes environmental issues to heart, and conscientiously works to reduce its own biological impact. “We are aware that a major shopping centre like Bagatelle Mall produces a significant amount of waste, starting from packaging and shipping cartons. That is why, from the start, we have placed a sorting system at the rear of the centre, and we collaborate closely with our South African partners, Don’t Waste, for an eco-responsible management of our waste”, explains Guy Regis Fanchette, Portfolio Operations Manager. Bagatelle Mall also wants to transmit this ecological awareness to its approximately 570,000 monthly visitors.

We must admit that waste sorting is not yet rooted in the habits of the majority of Mauritians. However, it’s a sensitive situation: with about 400 000 tonnes of waste per year, Mare Chicose, the main landfill site in the country, is quickly reaching saturation point. More than ever, sorting and recycling of household garbage become a necessity. But meaningful change at this level requires the commitment and effort of every citizen. Taking advantage of its influence and its central location, Bagatelle wants to set an example through hosting a sorting container for plastic, cardboard and paper, available to individuals and neighbouring businesses.

Between March 25 and July 27, 1,085 kg of recyclable waste was collected, an amount that could increase considerably if everyone gets started. The idea is to become a collection centre that is hosting the largest volume of sorted waste. To achieve this, an awareness campaign is organised in the Mall once a month. Mission Verte’s members are happy to provide information and advice to customers.

On your next visit to Bagatelle, remember to come past Mission Green’s deposit container, and do the right thing for the environment and the planet!




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