Tax Refund

Mauritius is famous for being a shopping paradise with great opportunity of Tax Free Shopping. This allows tourists to reclaim VAT they paid on their shopping in Mauritius. The VAT Refund can be claimed at the MCCI Tax Refund Counter at the airport and at the Port (On Board cruise ships) on their departure date. The visitor has to give his nationality, foreign passport number, date of departure and flight/voyage number, which will be entered on the VAT Paid Supplies To Visitor Claim Form. Only purchases from shops authorised by the Mauritius Revenue Authority (MRA) and registered with the MCCI displaying the “TAX REFUND” sign are entitled for the refund.


MCCI operates a Tax Refund counter at the SSR International Airport and the Port (On Board cruise ships) for refund of Tax paid on purchases made by visitors having a foreign passport. The VAT refund can be made in the following currencies: Euro (EUR), US dollar (USD), South African Rand (ZAR) and British Pounds (GBP).


Where to shop?

Shop at stores displaying the Tax Refund logo, and ask for the VAT PAID SUPPLIES TO VISITORS sales receipt when your purchases total a minimum of Rs 2,300 (VAT incl.) per store. Check that your passport and the departure flight details have been properly captured.


Before check-in at the SSR International Airport, get your sales receipts approved at the MRA Customs counter, in the check-in hall.

How to obtain your refund?

After passport control, submit your approved VAT PAID SUPPLIES TO VISITORS sales receipts, and collect your refund at the MCCI Tax Refund Counter.

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