Unique Facilities

Unique Facilities

We strive to offer exceptional shopper services and facilities on every level, every day, to every visitor – providing a world-class shopping experience.

NEW – Waste Recycle Point:
 Bagatelle is an official recyclable waste point. In association with Don’t Waste, Mission Verte, and the MEF CSR Fund, members of the public are able to recycle at Bagatelle. Find our Big Green Recycling Bin behind Go Sport. It is open to the public 24/7. Come and drop off your paper, aluminium cans, cardboard and plastic, whenever it suits you. Recycle today, for a better tomorrow!

Information Desk:
 An Information Desk is situated in the centre of the Mall, close to the Food Court and the Cinemas.

Disabled Assistance:
 To ensure easy accessibility for physically challenged visitors and senior citizens, designated parking bays are provided at each entrance to Bagatelle Mall of Mauritius. Wheelchair facilities are available for physically handicapped people.

Parent and child facilities:
 There are private toilet facilities especially designed to accommodate parents and their children. These are ideal for fathers and daughters, or mothers and sons needing to use toilet facilities. There are also baby-changing facilities. These toilets are located next to the public toilets in the Mall.

Striving to offer the optimal shopping experience, Bagatelle Mall of Mauritius has employed a leading security company to ensure the safety of the Mall. The security of our shoppers and tenants is of the highest importance to us, and we are determined to provide the safest shopping environment possible.

 Bagatelle Mall of Mauritius offers customers 2,224 parking bays, with easy access to all entrances. These include 7 parking bays for people with special needs, 16 designated taxi parking bays, and 16 designated motorcycle parking bays. Your parking convenience is one of our priorities.

 ATMs are conveniently located throughout Bagatelle Mall of Mauritius.

Urban Lifestyle Hotel “Le Voila Bagatelle” 
At the heart of Bagatelle “Voila Bagatelle” is the first hotel in Mauritius to offer customers no fixed check in and check out. The hotel has been oriented to ensure client comfort, and building efficiency, based on a full climate model of Bagatelle (sunshine, rain and wind).